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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 

Tel: 03) 8590-8080
Mob: 0433 959 866

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About us

Glory TCM clinic provides holistic treatments for our patients based on their body and health conditions through Chinese Medicine. We are passionate in caring for our patients and providing the best possible treatment outcome. 

At our clinic we provide a wide range of services:

- Acupuncture
- Laser Acupuncture/Electro-acupuncture 
- Granule and Decoction Herbal Medicine 
- Cupping 
- Gua Sha
- Manual Therapy 

We provide treatments for a variety of health conditions ranging from acute to chronic such as neck, shoulder, lower back pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, skin conditions, gynecological conditions and treatments for general health and wellbeing.

For further information about our practitioners click on the button below. 


Glory TCM Clinic (그예안 한의원)


"This is a fantastic practice. Dr Lee is very professional and provides insightful care based on my needs"

Patrick S

"Dr Lee was incredibly patient and very proficient in his diagnosis. The medicine he provided was also able to quickly cure my wife's and my cough and fever within 2 days when Western medicine wasn't working. It was so effective that we actually went back again to get more medicine for my father-in-law's migraine and my sinus. 10/10 would recommend"

"This is one of the best place for acupuncture and herbal medicine. Very professional and considerate. Highly recommended if hospital keeps telling you are all good but you don’t feel alright"

C. Kim

"Wow!! Thank you, Director. Melbourne Heo Jun You're right! My husband thought it was rosacea dermatitis, so I visited him, diagnosed him with stress dermatitis, and prescribed medicine, but his skin, which hadn't healed for six months, is getting better and better! Very kind and warm treatment is the best 👍👍
I'll go again! thank you 😀

nhw Kim

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